You Say It’s Your Birthday!

Well it’s my Birthday too!

My twin sis and I always had fun singing this one to each other. This is even better since it is Paul McCartney’s Birthday as well, and so many radio stations play the song today.

Unfortunately, once again my sis and I are apart for our Birthdays. In our adult lives we’ve been fortunate enough to spend our 21st in Fiji, our 29th in Portland, and our 32nd in Portland as well. Not great odds when you look at it. We’ll have to see what we can do to improve this.

I’ve spent my Birthdays around the world, in Germany, Denmark, Fiji, Ghana, Afghanistan, and now Zimbabwe.

This Birthday will be significantly on the mellow side. I’m in Zimbabwe without anyone to speak of to hang out with, and am still learning my way around the city. I think I’ll escape for lunch at a nearby cafe and then try to book a massage for either today or some time this weekend. Perhaps I’ll even manage to find a bootleg copy of Sex and The City 2 for this evening. That could be good.

I was supposed to be working through the weekend on a proposal, but with a blessed delay, I will now be able to chill out on the weekend and step away from my laptop.

The thing I’ve learned about Birthdays is that they are for you. If you aren’t around a bunch of friends and family, then you have to make the best of it for yourself. I think I’ll take some time for reflection and consideration about where I’m at as I move further into my thirties.

I’d have to say that this note from my father gave me a big smile this morning, “Some where in Africa she is turning 33. HURRAH!!! I hope all is well. Wally [I’m proud of you!!!] ROCK ON!!!”

The last time I spoke with my folks they also shared their Birthday wishes in advance, not knowing what my connection would be like. My husband has been keeping my Birthday gift a secret (hopefully he’ll tell me today!) eCards are flooding in as well. The world is still a small place, even if I’m far away from those I love. Life is good.



  1. Darcy Cronin on June 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Happy Birthday Sis!!! Wish we could celebrate together, but I’m so proud of the work you are doing. Enjoy some time to celebrate you!

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