Miel takes to the Flying Trapeze

Who doesn’t wake up in the morning and think, why not try the flying trapeze! I’m here in Santa Monica for work and figured that I might as well as take advantage of the Trapeze School New York, with a location here on the Santa Monica Pier.

She takes flight with the greatest of ease.  Well, no, it is as hard as it looks!  The bar is twenty pounds and feels like it is going to pull you off the platform before you even get started! 

Did she join the circus?  It appears as if!

Show me those abs!

Love the hair!

 Free falling!

Take flight!

Show me your catch hands!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying Miel!

Tuck and roll baby!

Where is the pool?

So much fun though, I think I’m addicted. Luckily they have a place in DC where I can practice more!



4 thoughts on “Miel takes to the Flying Trapeze

  1. Darcy

    Too much fun! Reminds of the kids’ book about a pig named Olivia, when she bounces on the bed her mom always asks, “Who do you think you are, queen of the trampoline?!” Or in your case, the trapeze!

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