Quick Impressions of Freetown

Before I head back to Liberia in the morning, I just wanted to share a few impressions of Freetown.
First, I’d have to say that the city was a breath of fresh air. It is situated on hills going straight up against the water, reminiscent of San Francisco, but Africa style. There are great historical houses, that from my best guess, and from locals, are still around from the 30s.

Overall the best part about the city is that it feels thriving. Monrovia has been great in many ways, but it feels like it is still under occupation from the UN and NGOs after the war. Sierra Leone feels as if it has pulled ahead and you can see business happening and people are very alive.

I’ve been extremely busy with work, so not a great deal of time for pleasure, but I did enjoy some great fish and even some lobster!



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