Back on the Road

Returning from my recent hiatus in the states, with three weeks back with family in Oregon and five weeks in DC (the longest I’ve been there in more than a year!), I’m now back on the road. I landed in Nairobi last night and have enjoyed a mellow start to my six week trip.

Rains came unexpectedly this afternoon and still patter away outside my window. I enjoyed a luscious mango as dessert this evening that was a nice welcome back to Africa. Currently in Kenya, I’ll be leaving this weekend for a week of vacation in Lamu (an island off the coast of Kenya) and Zanzibar (a larger island off the coast of Tanzania); then a week in Somaliland (the northern part of Somalia); next a week of leading a regional conference in Nairobi; a week of field visits doing monitoring in Kenya; the next two weeks doing the same in Ethiopia; then back through Kenya and a day at our London office before heading back to Washington just in time for the peak of cheery blossoms.Needless to say, I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you and posting regularly throughout my journey. I’ll try to post a more detailed map once I know all of the field sites I’m headed to, but google maps often doesn’t even register the remote places I go to.



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