Headed Out

So another one month study tour is done. Tomorrow we have one final wrap up session and then head out of Dhaka. We’ll be arriving just after midnight and then I’ll be escorting the group to settle them with their tickets, luggage, and so forth. Then I get to pass out in the wee hours of the night in a delicious bed.

Next I head to Qatar, stay the night, and then meet up with a group of Afghans coming back from six months in Singapore. I stay with them in Dubai for the night and then put them on the plane in the morning, headed to Kabul. Then I change terminals and head to Oregon, via London. All of this will take six days in transit from airport A to Z. Then I have R&R in Oregon for nine days.

So looking forward to it! May or may not be able to share much on my travels. Will be enjoying staying offline as much as possible.



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