Obama: the Hope for a Better World

I got the following note from someone I know in Afghanistan and wanted to pass this inside perspective on to others.

An open letter to people of the United States

Being victims of terrorism and extremism, Afghans could better understand your pain caused by 9/11 attacks. That is why, Afghans were united and determined to join “War on Terror” led by the United States in order to fight the common enemy, i.e. terrorism.

The main goal of “War on Terror” was to safeguard the world but it did not happen. Terrorism and fanaticism is still a real threat. Al-Qaida and the Taliban regained the opportunity to become more organized and powerful. Warlords strengthen the international terrorism by creating obstacles on the route towards democratic governance and reforms in Afghanistan.

Terrorists enjoy the safe haven in Pakistan. President Bush and his team have not yet invested in a war to-be won. Your army fights a war which is definitely going to be lost. Your taxes are almost wasted for nothing. The lack of an effective strategy to overcome terrorism and stabilize the region can be one of the main reasons for the entire chaos.

If you really want a major change; if you realize our pains caused by almost everyday attacks; if you want your government to invest in a war to-be won; and if you are certain that the world needs peace, please support Senator Obama in his fight for “Change”.

You can change the lives of millions of people; you can bring us peace and development; and you can give us the right to live with only one vote of yours.

Thank you

Khalil ROMAN
Ajmal Obaid ABIDY
Network of Afghans for Obama
[email protected]

P. S. Please forward it to as much Americans as you can.

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