Obstacle Course

We drove out of town the other day to visit some sites outside of Dhaka. On the way to and fro I couldn’t help but thinking that if they really wanted to have a competition in race car drivers, they should send them here to drive!

Think about it, driving around in circles at high speeds is only so difficult. Driving at high speeds with obstacles including, but not limited to, rick shaws, animals of many varieties, giant potholes, flooded roads, people darting into the road, you name it! At this, plus weaving in and out of traffic with other cars avoiding similar obstacles.

It makes the freeway look like kindergarten. After years of driving in such traffic my standards of what would be considered reasonable passing space is certainly not anywhere near your typical North American norms. In some ways I’m amazed that I’m still a defensive driver. When it comes down to it I think that comes from that reality that no matter how long I drive on such roads, I still would take the sedate country road.

On Tuesday we head up to the North of Bangladesh, up to an area called Sylhet at the border of India. It will be seven hours one way, two nights there, and then seven hours back. We are driving in three vans, where at least I get to sit in the front with a seatbelt and a view of oncoming traffic. One of the three vans has the most obnoxious horn you’ve ever heard. I will very strategically place myself in one of the other cars.

Wish me luck!


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