Rain, Rain, Lots of Rain!

Bangladesh is not only a delta, but it also gets copious amounts of this. An example was yesterday, when 6.3 cm fell in six hours. This left the rickshaws attempting to ride around in ankle and knee deep water. The other issue is that there are lots of potholes around. The thing is, when the entire road is covered in water, it is much harder to dodge the pot holes. This leave you traversing a small pond and then suddenly with the sinking feeling of dropping off into the abyss of a giant hole.

Given the difficult of getting around in a rickshaw or a car, you can imagine that I’m not getting in much walking these days!



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  1. barbara on July 4, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Try to stay high and dry. Also I loved the photos of your room. Very nice. I hope that things settle down in Kabul and else where in Afghanistan for your return.

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