Shopping with Osama

So with Eid starting yesterday the normal grocery store that we go to, Hamadi’s, was closed. Just down the road was another shop, Chelsea Market, that has lots of the same good but a bit on the dustier side. We went in and did our shopping and all was good.

Today however, I went back with another group of colleagues and learned that Chelsea Market was a known haunt of Osama bin Laden. Being there this time had a dramatically different feel. Knowing that the owner had likely been as kind and open to Osama as he was to us felt a bit odd. It’s not as if I expected Osama to come out of hiding to pay us a visit, but it all felt a bit surreal.

In the end I had to chalk it up to another cocktail tidbit and take the advice that is offered on the front of the market, “Be happy all of the time.” Life is too short to stress about those things that are beyond your control.


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