Sleep Across the World

Extensive international travel requires a variety of survival skills. The first that I will highlight is that of sleep, blissful sleep. There are those that complain about the woes of travel, and then those like myself, who can manage to sleep their way across the globe.

When I travel I like to sleep as much as I can manage. My normal routine is to watch a movie or two, though this time around there couldn’t have been a worse selection of movies. By the time I wake on the other side of the pond I often get remarks, as I did this time, about how jealous those are that I can sleep on planes.

My record was sleeping straight through from Hawaii to LA, but that was after another flight from Fiji to Hawaii and then a full overnight delay in the airport.

Many avid travelers swear on sleeping pills, but I don’t bother and seem to do just fine. While others will tell you to stay up and get on the same cycle as wherever you are, my theory is to just sleep however much you can manage.

After a brief nap on the overnight plane, I arrive in the Brussels airport, killing time in the same shops I did on my last trip to Africa. I don’t waste time though, as I recall the familiar empty gate where I settle in for a nap. Just as last time, I fall asleep alone and wake up hours later to a terminal full of people wondering how it is I can sleep so soundly on a metal bench in an airport. Practice I say.

I continue on, sleeping most of the way to Liberia. Arriving I nap for about an hour in the early evening and then sleep a solid and blissful nine hours last night. Waking to the sound of the pouring rain in the morning, but still drifting off for more sleep.

Now only 24 hrs after arrival, I’m pretty safe to say that I have escaped jetlag once again.

Happy Travels,


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