Typhoon Haiyan Response

I find myself half way around the world, supporting the response to the horrific devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines two weeks ago.  I’ll be based in Manila during my time here, managing donor and coordination meetings and proposals for response and recovery activities.  So when I see the news daily on TV, it hits a bit closer to home, in that I’m here, but also still not quite there.

My colleagues are out in the field providing medical and mental health support, assessing needs and mapping responses with the plethora of other folks responding.  Many of whom will be gone by the time the media recedes.

NBC Nightly News segment on our response to a remote island in need.

An eye-witness report from another NGO that was here when the typhoon hit is a bit unreal. Words just can’t express what it might have been like to be there during the storm, not to mention to survive and thrive in its wake.  It reminds me how truly fortunate I am not to have been there.

Eyewitness view of Typhoon Haiyan.

More soon in first impressions of Manila.

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