Welcome back to Oregon

Oregon is a lovely state that has folks thinking of the Goonies, or elicits legends about young folks retiring to Portland. I’ve been back now for 10 days after nearly 11 years living away. I’ve been in DC for most of that time, always based out of DC, but traveling for about a third of that time if you want to be conservative.

I’ve returned to the most glorious of falls. I think we all secretly don’t want to say anything about how incredible the weather is for fear of seeing autumn fleet any faster.

The majority of our belongings are on a truck, I believe in rural Maryland, at the moment. Our place in DC finally has another contract in place, after the first one fell through at the last hour. Our place in Portland is a dream of a place and is now suddenly contingent on me getting my dream job, ironic as that is. We initially thought it could be done without this, and now alas it is the final piece of the puzzle. Fingers crossed. It is a great fit.

Hopefully in another 10 days we’ll be settling into our new home and all will be ironed out in the process. It feels that everything is going our way, so it only feels right. Wish me luck.

In the mean time I’m enjoying a little R&R at my folk’s place in Southern Oregon. Giving me breaks for extra child care assistance. Excellent.

Clark is growing like a weed and getting taller all the time. He just outgrew his Mr. Amazing outfit in a couple of weeks flat. They were too big in New Orleans and high water pants by the time we arrived in Oregon. My how time flies.

So glad to be back and looking forward to being settled once again, into our new place.


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  1. Darcy on October 9, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Welcome Back Sis!

    I know it has taken a big leap of faith to move back to Oregon. I have faith that your dream job will soon be a reality, just like the rest of your new life here.

    I love you and am soooo happy you’re home.


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