InStove Chief Partnership Officer

I am proud and excited to announce my new position with InStove as its Chief Partnership Officer, supporting both the for and non profit entities of the organization. We are delighted with our recent success on many levels and are looking forward to many exciting developments over the next year and beyond.

InStove is at the inflection point of take-off as a player in the business of doing good in the world. We have a product that is versatile, reliable, and reduces climate impacts on numerous fronts. Simultaneously, InStoves save institutions’ energy costs, while saving forests and creating jobs in both Oregon and abroad. It is an incredible product that for the good of the planet should be distributed and implemented as broadly as possible in the places where it will make a hugely beneficial impact on the health of people and our planet.
I personally love how InStove creates a connection between Oregon and the larger world. InStoves built here in Oregon are making a difference all over the world. I invite you to follow along the InStove journey and help us make a difference.




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